Stories of Body Parts that Got Stuck

[tps_title]Story 2: Win a Boy[/tps_title]

Stories of Body Parts that Got Stuck - Win a Boy

Children are addicted to the arcade. They particularly like working the mechanical arm to see if they’re lucky enough to nab a prize. How would they react if they ended up winning a real boy? Mortified? We’d like to think so. Christopher Air wanted to get his hands on the toys found inside the machine. He crawled into a slot and managed to fit his 3-year-old body inside. When Mrs. Air came back with £20 worth of change, she was shocked to find her son within the glass casing. Suffice to say that it took them hours to get him out since the arcade owner couldn’t find the keys. Christopher realized that breathing in fresh air was so much better than the prizes found inside the machine.

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