16 Fun Things To Do When You’re Drunk

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Before time immemorial, human beings have been finding ways to get inebriated, and even stay that way. From wine to moonshine to absinthe to the more commonly consumed drinks of the modern world, alcohol has been one of the best methods man has partaken of to basically have a good time. What better excuse to do extremely fun and dumb things than when you’re notoriously wasted off your ass? Even if you haven’t done these things while sober, here are 16 fun things to do when you’re drunk.

Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting

Remember the days after a bad break up when all you wanted to do was call your ex? Being drunk is the perfect excuse to do just that! At least when you wake up in the morning with zero recollection of what – or even possibly who – you did, you’ll have your trusty iPhone to remind you of your complete and utter stupidity. You may just find out that you are no longer single but back in your disastrously sad and pathetic relationship with your old flame from high school. At least breaking up again won’t be a first in this case.

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