The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]3. University of Wisconsin[/tps_title]

University of Wisconsin

Score: 85/100

College Stadium: 22/25. The Badgers do have their devout fans. The stadium is always packed with supporters who dance to Jump Around before a game. While the team’s history of wins isn’t that impressive, it seems as if the fans have inspired them to do better. Their games have shown significant improvement over the past few years.

Cheerleaders: 24/25. The cheerleaders have to be pretty. History proves this statement to be true. This is probably one of the many reasons why fans religiously attend the games. They just like seeing those girls swing their hips.

Party: 24/25. The football game is merely a preview of the party that’s set after. Sure, they say that it’s better to party with the winners, but when it comes to the Badgers, it’s always a fun night, – win or lose.

Dorms: 15/25. The university scores pretty low in this area. Although this is where geeks, partygoers, and jocks converge, some students live off campus because of space issues.

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