The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]2. Penn State University[/tps_title]

Penn State University

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Score: 87/100

College Stadium: 18/25. The Penn State Nittany Lions hasn’t had a big win in years, but they do boast of 7 undefeated seasons. The child sex abuse scandal must have dampened their spirits, but you can bet that the school staff is even more vigilant about cleaning up the school’s image.

Cheerleaders: 23/25. The cheerleaders are sizzling hot, and they’re more than willing to party. This is one of the happiest schools in the country. And the cheerleaders definitely set a good example for the rest of the student population.

Party: 24/25. The school boasts of its well-stocked library, and apparently, the students do know how to let loose after a night of studying. They always come up with a reason to party, and this is probably the board’s way to encourage the students to lead a well-balanced life.

Dorms: 22/25. The dorms are equipped with the usual things you need, but it seems as if you can barely stay home when you’re here. You come home too drunk to notice anything anyway. So, what’s the point of having a spectacular room, right?

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