The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]1. Ohio University[/tps_title]

Ohio University

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Score: 95/100

College Stadium: 24/25. The Bobcats may not rank at the very top of the list, but they’ve had a good share of wins. The team is nationally prominent and the players are constantly hard at work, excelling at what they do best. And while Peden Stadium only seats 24,000 people, you can bet that it’s packed to the brim every game.

Cheerleaders: 24/25. It’s on the list of the most beautiful campuses. The women aren’t bad, either. They add to the schools’ overall aesthetics. Rufus the Bobcat, the school’s official mascot, is only a sideshow when you see those beautiful women show off their legs and, of course, their athletic prowess.

Party: 25/25. Ohio University is undoubtedly the best party school. The students must lead a very happy and satisfying campus life. They have all the amenities they need when they need time to study and rest. As for those who only want to drink their way through college, there are hundreds of frat parties and football after-events to choose from.

Dorms: 22/25. Only this top party school boasts of a very impressive Greek row. Join a fraternity or a sorority when you enter, and you can be assured of a comfortable room for your 4 years of stay.

Now that you have the list of the top fun schools, you can take your pick. It’s time to pack your bags and head over to party central. You might just puke your way to college, but at least, you can finally say that you’ve enjoyed every minute of your youth.

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