The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]4. University of Tennessee[/tps_title]

University of Tennessee

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Score: 70/100

College Stadium: 25/25. The college boasts of hundreds of thousands when it comes to regular football attendees. The devout fans have given loyalty a whole new meaning, and because they’ve been so used to winning, no doubt people flock to where the victory party will be.

Cheerleaders: 15/25. The women may be beautiful, but somehow, Princeton failed to mention the women and the school itself on their list of top party schools.

Party: 10/25. Again, the school wasn’t found on Princeton’s list of top party schools. While the Volunteers are big on tradition, they probably just head straight to their own get-togethers after a big game.

Dorms: 20/25. You get your money’s worth with the dorms. It has all the amenities you need at a fraction of the usual cost. Now, you can spend your allowance on drinking instead.

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