The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]6. University of Southern California[/tps_title]

University of Southern California

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Score: 77/100

College Stadium: 22/25. This stadium has more history than most exes. The seating is just as impressive. The Memorial Coliseum is a must-visit for football aficionados.

Cheerleaders: 25/25. Men troop to California to find that sun-kissed gal. You can find half of them here. Just be careful because you could end up with a minor and get yourself arrested. Still, these beauties are worth the lavish ticket price.

Party: 10/25. The Trojans follow some amazing traditions, and while they’re big in history, you can find better parties elsewhere. Unless, of course, your idea of a good time is plain old sightseeing.

Dorms: 10/25. Not much is written about the dorms, but we can only assume that it’s your typical student housing. It has all the amenities, but it’s not something to write about. They probably expect the men to sleep over at the women’s houses.

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