The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

There’s no doubt that football is a well-loved sport in America. High school girls all vie for a jock’s attention just to get the privilege of wearing his jacket. The clamoring continues even all throughout college, or even beyond that. It’s even more fun once you get to university. You don’t need to worry about curfews and parents waiting by the porch to see if you’ve consumed more than your fair share of alcohol. Yep, your folks could certainly rival the cops when it comes to DUI testing.

There’s a lot to be said about partying with the winning school team. What’s the point of partying with the losers when all they’re doing is sulking and moaning about that trophy that got away. There’s still alcohol involved, but winners just have more fun. The partying, the women, the celebration… all of these make for a wonderful college experience.

Hence, we’ve decided to rank universities’ overall program. We’ve considered the student experience, the party scene, and all that hullaballoo. If you want your college experience to be one for the books, here are some schools you need to consider. So, without further ado, here’s a list of colleges and how they rank in our cool scale:

8. University of Florida

University of Florida

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Score: 85/100

College Stadium: 22/25. The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is the perfect football venue as the place comes with all the much-needed amenities. It has an elevator to lead you to the nosebleed section. Hey, if you’re far from the favorite seats, at least your trip up will be a lot easier.

Cheerleaders: 24/25. The college area may have been called The Swamp, which to most, may sound dirty and classless, but if you throw the beautiful cheerleaders in the mix, they can pretty up just about any place. Put a burlap sack over the heads, and they can still get your blood boiling.

Party: 15/25. The Gators have 3 national championships, 3 Heisman winning quarterbacks, and 8 SEC titles under their belt. That’s a good number of celebrations. And the Gators have a good mix of old and new traditions. The fans get to meet the players as they walk from the field to the locker room. They also stand with their arms over their neighbor’s shoulders while they sing the Alma Matter. The party starts on the field, and knowing the Sunshine State, you can see drunken students spread about in the streets as the night grows older. It comes as no surprise. This is, after all, the spring break capital of America.

Dorms: 24/25. With more than 25 dining options and well-established security services, you can bet that while you may end up unconscious on the streets, no one will dare grope you.

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