The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

[tps_title]5. University of Texas[/tps_title]

University of Texas

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Score: 84/100

College Stadium: 24/25. The students are one of the happiest in the country. That says a lot! The Memorial Stadium has been expanded several times ever since it opened. It was once said that if you build it, they will come. Well, fans came a-flocking because this stadium was repeatedly renovated and expanded.

Cheerleaders: 20/25. Those sexy cowgirl outfits work well with the Longhorns cheerleaders, but it comes as no surprise. Texas is known for their southern hospitality. You might get a taste of them if you bag yourself a nice southern babe.

Party: 25/25. Everything is bigger in Texas, even the party. The Texans definitely know how to celebrate. This is the best place to go to if you want to hold on to your youth for as long as possible. No doubt you’ll never want to leave college after you’ve had a taste of the university life.

Dorms: 10/25. A good number of their students live off campus. Hmmm… makes you wonder about the amenities they have, doesn’t it?

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