How To Brew Pumpkin Beer in a Pumpkin, in 20 Easy Steps



Imagine never paying a single cent on diluted beer from the local bar ever again! Brewing your own beer is fun (and cheap)! You can use stuff that are already in your kitchen plus, you can set aside your beer money on things that are actually important, like saving up for the Xbox One or finally getting that suspicious growth checked. Best of all, you can drink your DIY beer, pass out or throw up in the privacy of your own home, away from judgmental stares.

Now imagine brewing your own pumpkin beer… in a pumpkin. Here at, we’re always happy to help you get quality beer with as little money involved as possible. In support of your alcohol dependence, we have prepared a nice tutorial on how you can brew your own pumpkin beer in a pumpkin, Inception-style.



You will need:

  • Two medium to large sized pumpkins
  • knife
  • manifold
  • tap
  • Power drill
  • ladle
  • liquor
  • Random spices
  • hops
  • hydrometer
  • Sanitized jugs, buckets or kettles

Step 1: Hunt For Big Ass Pumpkins

pumpkin beer step 1

We’re not talking country fair huge here but if you happen to come across one, by all means, drag that pumpkin to your truck. You’ll need two pumpkins, pumpkin 1 used as a vessel for the grain mixture and pumpkin 2 to house the fermenting liquid. The sweet spot is medium to large pumpkin.

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