The Way Colleges Should be Ranked

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7. University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma

Score: 85/100

College Stadium: 23/25. Home of the Sooners. Ever since it was renovated, loyal fans can flock by the community and still have enough seats to spare. Luxury suites, a new press box, and classy brick exteriors – what more can you ask for?

Cheerleaders: 18/25. Alas! The cheerleaders are encouraged to be at their best behavior at all times. They have to imbibe the school spirit, while making sure that they represent the school well. The wild girls are certainly off the team and the ones left have to keep their wild side on the down low. Maybe they’re up for a midnight rendezvous, but is that enough for you?

Party: 20/25. It’s one of the biggest stadiums and you certainly can’t complain about the amenities. So, you can bet that the fans will flock together and party the night away after a winning game. They’ve beat the Notre Dame players by a record, which speaks a lot about the players’ talent.

Dorms: 24/25. The students are proud of their campus. The dorms all well-equipped and you can even get gourmet food delivered to your rooms. For all you lazy asses, this is a big plus.

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7. University of Oklahoma
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