The 12 People You Don’t Want to Meet On Facebook

[tps_title]3. The Town Crier[/tps_title]

The Town Crier

Back in the olden days, there were the town criers to shout out the latest news to everybody. Apparently, their heirs are still continuing the legacy. These people like to announce everything on their walls – from the mundane to the absurd. While they keep you abreast with the latest news, there are also things they like to talk about that you need not know.


  1. “Ugh! PMS is killing me!” – Please don’t tell us that Aunt Flow came knocking on your door this morning. It’s disgusting and pathetic. Take Midol and rest. And stop checking your Facebook!
  2. “John, you’re an idiot! I’m glad things are over between us.” – These people oftentimes end up eating their words. They certainly don’t know how the concept of make love, not war.

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