The 12 People You Don’t Want to Meet On Facebook

[tps_title]10. The Stranger that Was Your High School Friend[/tps_title]

The Stranger that Was Your High School Friend

He must’ve been a geek in high school and he actually thinks that he looks so much better right now. He grew out of the awkward phase into the man that he is today. What he doesn’t realize is that he may have outgrown the geek that he was, and now, he’s a full-fledged loser. He’s obviously trying to connect with everyone and hope that nostalgia lands him a hot girl.


  1. “Hey, remember me? We were in third period Biology together. It’s nice to finally connect with you.” – Hey, you could barely remember Biology, much less the people you were with.
  2. “TRISH!!! It’s so nice to see you. We should get together sometime.” – You barely spoke 3 words to him when you were in high school. What makes him think you have anything to tell him right now?

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