The 12 People You Don’t Want to Meet On Facebook

[tps_title]6. The Debbie Downer[/tps_title]

The Debbie Downer

These people don’t ever stop whining. One thing’s for sure: they aren’t bipolar. That’s because they only have one mood: sad. It seems as if they’ve always been dealt with the bad set of hands. Shouldn’t they be used to it by now? And if they are, shouldn’t bad luck be normal to them? It makes you wonder why they still keep complaining.


  1. “My phone died and I couldn’t call for help when my car stalled!” – Apparently, they still managed to get internet access, as proven by this status update.
  2. “Some people are just so annoying! If they have nothing nice to say, then shouldn’t they just shut up?” – Hmmm…looks like someone’s not practicing what they preach.

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