The 12 People You Don’t Want to Meet On Facebook

[tps_title]5. The Lovesick Puppy[/tps_title]

The Lovesick Puppy

While love does make you happy, it doesn’t make your world go round. These people like to profess their love for each other. Again, like the Town Crier, most of them end up eating their words when the relationship doesn’t work. Still, they want the world to know just how sickeningly happy they are for now. Sure, love is worth celebrating, but they certainly don’t need to turn it into a daily fiesta. That’s what real life is for, or have they forgotten?


  1. “My baby surprised me with a candlelit dinner last night. Thanks, hon!” – This can be sweet, but if this is said practically every single day, don’t we just want to settle for romance novels instead?
  2. “When are you coming back, babe? Miss you terribly!” – Hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or, could it be out of sight, out of mind?

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